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    Újabb hírek Greg balesetéről. Lawyers representing Moore's estate filed an appeal earlier this summer arguing the wrongful death lawsuit resulting from the Maple Ridge, B.

    The brief, filed with the Riverside, Calif.

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    The appeal is an attempt to overturn an October decision by a lower court to dismiss the suit. Moore, 24, died when his car crashed into a wall on the second turn during the Marlboro at California Speedway, in Fontana, Calif.

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    Lawyers representing the Moore estate maintain the death was caused because when the car left the course, it crossed an elevated access road, skidded on grass in the track's infield and slammed into a concrete wall that was void of any energy-absorbing material. The page brief argues the earlier judgment to dismiss the case suffered from "every procedural defect imaginable. The wrongful death suit does not specify damages being sought.

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    A three-judge panel will hear the appeal either late this year moore rd fogyás early inthen make a ruling. If the ruling is upheld the Moore estate has other avenues of appeal, including the California Supreme Court.

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